Adeel Bajwa

Postdoctoral Researcher | Electrical Engineering

Primary Area: Microelectronics Packaging and Reliability

Email: abajwa@ucla.edu

Takafumi Fukushima

Associate Professor | Tohoku University

Primary Area: Microelectronic packaging and polymeric materials

Email: takfukushima@ucla.edu

Menglu Li

Materials Science and Engineering

Primary Area: Reliability of TSV, microbumps, and RDL in the 3D IC technology 

Email: lucy2732@ucla.edu

Career: Apple Inc.

Ping-Yu Liu

Chemistry and Materials Science

Primary area: Cu-Cu and Au-Au wafer bonding

Email: evangeline12921@gmail.com

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Niteesh Marathe

Materials Science & Engineering

Primary Area: Electronic Materials, Direct Wafer Bonding of Cu or Au deposited on Si

Email: namarathe@g.ucla.edu

Yaodong Wang

Materials Science and Engineering

Primary Area: Pb-Free Microbump to Enable 3D Integration 

Email: yaodong.wang1@gmail.com

Career: Intel Corp.