Mission Statement

Interpret and implement Moore’s Law to include all aspects of heterogeneous systems and develop architectures, methodologies, designs, components, materials and manufacturable integration schemes, that will shrink system footprint and improve power and performance.

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3DInCities "A Race to the Finish: Announcing the Winners of the 2019 3D InCites Awards"

Research Institute of the Year: UCLA’s CHIPS Lab

3DInCites "System-level Scaling: UCLA’s Answer to Extending Moore’s Law" by Francoise von Trapp

“We are at a crossroads. Current chip design is nearing its capacity. The time, expense, and effort needed to make major inroads have grown exponentially. We need a transformational shift in how our systems are designed and put together. Moore’s law is no longer about scaling a chip, but about...

Flexible, Heterogeneously Integrated Wireless Powered System for Implantable Applications using FlexTrate

Medical implants today are often rigid & bulky causing discomfort and infections with prolonged usage. Hence there is a need for implants made using elastomeric packaging materials that closely match the flexibility of human tissue so as to conform to any surface inside the body with relative ease....

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